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Adult SOAP is held every Monday - Friday from 9a.m. - Noon

To help people who are experiencing mental health, substance or alcohol abuse, addiction, homelessness, hopelessness or other issues in their lives so they can respond to and overcome the stressors that they experience in the home, school, workplace and community with resilience and positive coping responses.

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We now offer Relapse Prevention 4 - 5 pm. at the Lawrence District Court (2 Appleton Street). Contact Ken Anthony,  LMHC Director of Court Services, MA - 978-685-1337

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We are a staff of clinician's that base our success on our patients' long-term mental health and wellness.  We believe in personalized care based on your mental health concerns.  Meet our Board of Directors

Mop/Soa classes will be held every  Thursday from 10:30am. to 12:00pm.

The Psychological Center

The Psychological Center

11 Union Street

Lawrence, MA 01840


DAE classes are held every Monday - Thursday. We also offer classes on Saturday.  Please call to get more information.

If you have been convicted of a DUI we offer the Massachusetts Driver Alcohol Education Program.